New Asian Ensemble

uV ́v

"TENGA" is produced by Hideki Inoue who is Taiko
(Japanese drum) player and studied music composition,
Jazz arrangement, Sound recording & music production.
After academic years, he found what he studied is developed in
Western culture.(That doesn't make sense for a moment,
but contemporary music in Asia is affected byWestern culture.
And most of Asian people is so far from their original sound now.)
And he started to create New Asian Sound as his life work.

"TENGA" is combined from Taiko (Japanese Drum),
Er-hu (Chinese Violin), Shamisen (Japanese zither),
Fue (Japanese flute), Urtin Duu (Mongolian vocal),
Keyboard and Bass. They play the original music and
traditional fork songs which arranged to contemporary version.

The sound concept of "TENGA" is "healing","encouraging",
"prayer for world peace". And also, creating new generation of
Asian music culture.