Hideki Inoue 

1990 Graduated Musashino Music College
    (Tokyo,Japan) Music composition major.
1994 Graduated Berklee College of Music
    (Boston,USA) Music production &
    Engineering major.
1995 Back to Japan after stay in NewYork
    for 1 year and Russia for 3 month.
1997 Back to Hometown (Beppu, Oita Pref.)
    and focused on the sound of his own
    identity. Composed theme music for
    festivals & events in Japan.
1998 Researched shows and entertainments
    of leading theme parks in USA. Started
    playing Taiko to create "New Asian Sound".
2000 Started making original songs coporated
    with Asian traditional musical instruments.
2001 Self published own
CD "TENGA". Moved
    to Tokyo and performed with new own
2002 Performed in Bordeaux, France. Play and
    compose own music energeticaly which
    heals & encourages people in all over
    the world, and also prayer for world peace.